Cosa nascondono i capitoli di Nymphomaniac?

27 Novembre 2013 - Attualità, Film, Nymphomaniac, Video
Cosa nascondono i capitoli di Nymphomaniac?

Come molti altri film di Lars von Trier anche “Nymphomaniac” è stato diviso dal regista in capitoli. I titoli dei capitoli ci danno un assaggio del dramma erotico recitato dai bravissimi attori, tra cui figuranno anche molte star del cinema hollywoodiano: Uma Thurman, Christian Slater, Willem Dafoe, Shia LaBeouf e Jamie Bell.


Ecco i capitoli  di “Nymphomaniac”:


Capitolo 1.

The complete anger

How does an ordinary bag of chocolate sweets become a symbol of sexual victory?

As Joe and her experienced friend B embark on a train trip, they bet on how many men they can seduce on the ride.

The grand prize is a delicious bag of chocolate sweets, and it soon becomes clear to Joe that in order to win, she needs to lure the prey into biting the hook like a skilled fisherman.


Capitolo 2.


“Love is just lust with jealousy added”

Though love is a shallow feeling in the eyes of the cynical nymphomaniac, young Joe is met by forces penetrating her armoured defences.

His name is Jerôme.



Capitolo 3.

Mrs. H

Keeping track of a large network of lovers isn’t always easy, and Joe is soon confronted with the unpleasant consequences of being a nymphomaniac.

After all, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.


Capitolo 4.


Confusion. Delusion. Hallucination.

The nymphomaniac’s father dies.



Capitolo 5.

The Little Organ School

A corale prelude by Bach.

Three voices each with its own character, but in complete harmony.

In other words: POLYPHONY.

The nymphomaniac is easily inspired,

and acts it out.


Capitolo 6.

The Eastern & Western Church (The silent duck)

Nymphomaniac appetizer – Chapter 6: The Eastern and the Western Church (The Silent Duck) from Zentropa on Vimeo.



Capitolo 7 is The Mirror

Nymphomaniac appetizer – Chapter 7: The Mirror from Zentropa on Vimeo.



Capitolo 8 is The Gun